A while back I wrote a feature about Portland's own H. Perry Horton—by day, he's just a dude who works at Movie Madness, but by night, he writes movies like 2-Headed Shark Attack and A Haunting in Salem for the Asylum, the low-budget horror flick factory that cranks out movies for home video and Syfy. Wow. The name "Syfy" won't ever get any less stupid, will it?

ANYWAY, in that feature, Horton talked about the script he'd just finished up:

"The most recent one I completed for them is called Shark Week, and they came to me with the idea fully formed. Essentially they wanted The Hunger Games with sharks! They wanted a madman who kidnaps people and makes them fight sharks. That one wrote itself!" Horton grins. "Took three days to write 110 pages on that one."

Good news, fans of madmen, sharks, and The Hunger Games: Shark Week is finally premiering on Syfy tomorrow night at 9 pm. More info can be found at Horton's blog, but in the meantime, here's the trailer. Please note that for the next week or so, I will be saying "RRREEEEEEEVENGE!" A lot.