Hobbit Hole Breakfast
I'll be hungover from drinking
At the Green Dragon
What about Bilbo's berries?!
Probably the French toast! Because I am vegetarian and I completely don't know what some of those things are. Just because I've never gotten around to reading The Hobbit doesn't mean I am not really into the idea of Second Breakfast.

Quick, someone call me a poseur
I would totally go with the BUILD YOUR OWN HOBBIT SLAM. I have been building my own HOBBIT SLAMS since I was a child...My family has a special recipe for Hobbit Slams.

The Mercury staff proves
The Lonely Mountain Treasure
Sits at my table.
Readers: I will shortly be holding a similar contest, "Go dutch on dinner with Ned at the Airport Way Shari's. No pie."
"Our Business Is Our Own"
Prancing Pony Pee

(haiku champion over here)
Why no There and BabyBack Again Ribs?
I want to drink three Bilbo's Berry Smoothies and get Tom Bombad ill all over the table. Colourful!
I'm not sure about the contest part...although I do love breakfast.

BUT a friend was just visiting from Austin and apparently they have full day LOTR marathons with Hobbit themed (and timed) meals throughout the day. Do we have such a thing here? If not, why not? If so, why have I never heard of it? AGHGHG, I'm hungry.
"After devouring our fiery Spaghetti with MeatBalrogs, cool off your 'Mouth of Sauron' with some ice-cold Nazgul-Aid!"
HEY ME DUH. 1.) I legitimately want to go. 2.) I adore both of you. 3.)I will make comics about it. 4.) Lonely Mountain Treasure
I have a feeling
The Build Your Own Hobbit Slam
Would punch my gut good
I want to read Suzette's comics about this lameness. Take Suzette!
I could do this all day. Really.

I will take the ring
into Denny's, although I
don't get the tie-in.

Bombadil? Tom Green.
Goldberry? Alison Brie.
Make this happen, Steve.

Melty alleged
"cheese" in my omelette - just like
Balin used to make.

Hobbiton pigs breathe
easy - your bellies too small
to tempt big people.
as a vegan....
I'm gonna shove Shire Sausage down my Hobbit Hole until it comes out my Bag End!
The day broke and dawn worked its way through the mists of Jantzen Beach. Three adventurers surveyed the land before them. The ground was hard and blasted as far as the eye could see. No tree grew here, nor blade of grass. In the distance lay a great pit, the ruins of some great structure now cast down. Twisted girders poked at the sky like dark teeth, and the adventurers wondered how such a vision of Dagorlad had found its way into their world. It was a barren land, far from home, and to lay eyes on it caused the hearts of the three to go heavy.
"This quest is a fools errand," said William, eldest of the three. "We should not have come here. This cursed place will swallow us fore we find the shelter we seek."
"Not so," said Erik, the most obsessed with Farscape of their band. "We must persevere. I have heard tell that the dining halls of this place rival those of even Rivendell, and that their food is sweeter to the tongue than even the lembas of Galadriel."
"Look!" shouted me, the winner of the breakfast contest, "There, to the east!"
They raised their hands to their brows, shielding their eyes against the assault of the dawning sun. It hung just over the horizon, a half globe of yellow piercing the black and gray of the landscape that surrounded them. As they focused their vision a second object became clear, sitting just below the sun. It too was yellow, and the sight of it warmed their spirits.
"Behold," said me, "The sigil that we seek."
It was the shape of a shield, laid on its side. It sat raised above the bleak landscape atop a great pole, and while the pole was made of the black metal that marred so much of the terrain the sign itself glowed as if the light of Anor itself rested within it. It was a beacon to the weary travelers, one that spoke of a warm hearths and hearty meals. As the three adventurers walked towards the Denny's each smiled that even in a realm so blasted and desolate they might still find a place such as this, something good in the world, something worth fighting for.

(the pancakes)
The eye of Sauron
Watches me lick Hobbit Hole
Breakfast from my lips
onion rings to rule
them all, onion rings to bind
them. pass the pepper
As a gift I give you two gentlemen this fine song by Tom Bombadil:

Hey dong! merry dong! ring a dong dillo!
Ring a dong! hop a dong! Fal lal the willow!
Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!
I disagree with Alison - I would jump at the chance to eat breakfast with Dub M Humphrey (dude is a legend and kills it in The Lost Boys: Live) and if I was well read in the world of Tolkien, I would totally enter this contest. (Lord of the Rings? More like BORED of the Rings, am I right?) (I am, nerds)

And make all the Lord of the Rings references you want, but I guarantee after eating breakfast at Denny's, you two are gonna be playing a Game of THRONES! (that means y'all gonna have to be takin' a lot of shits, fyi)

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