Guess I need to read the filmdrunk article to figure out what's so remarkable about this note.
I'm sure you'll write a h̶i̶l̶a̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ tweet about it.
Erik - just wondering if you hit the backspace button on your keyboard while typing out this post. If so, then by your (and filmdrink's) standards you may have a legitimate sickness! But see, on computers we can hide our edits; but when writing freehand we can't.

Mechloads - what?
My comment wasn't directed at you, ROM, but rather at the Tweetmaster General. For more clues, see my comments at…
re: your comment, Todd, thank you for your input, but a better title actually would be "Oh Crap Alison Forgot to Find a Tweet This Week But Didn't Erik Say Something Funny About Ender's Game?"

Also, I'm sorry the apparent bias troubles you, but that was an excellent tweet.
Hi Alison. Bring back ArtHole...where actual readers could hope to get their creative work in an issue...and I'll never complain about "nepotwism" again.
Wes Anderson does kind of write like a serial killer.

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