EVER SINCE Paul Feig cast her in Bridesmaids as a sentient fart joke, Melissa McCarthy's had the odd privilege of becoming super famous overnight and getting worse roles for it. Anyone who's followed her since Gilmore Girls knows what McCarthy's capable of, but bombs like Tammy have left her comedic timing and, oh, her acting ability, deeply under-utilized. So I had my doubts about Feig's latest McCarthy vehicle, the spy-movie sendup, um, Spy. I was pretty sure I was about to witness two hours of one of my favorite actors just tripping over stuff.

Oh, how wrong I was! Right around the moment I realized I'd get to see Melissa McCarthy beat the shit out of lunky Bond villains for 120 minutes, I knew my doubts were unfounded. I also physically could not stop laughing. Not only is Spy funnier than Bridesmaids, it's funnier than most movies that think they're funny. McCarthy is wonderful as Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who finally strikes out from her behind-the-scenes post to hunt down an extremely rich lady—Rose Byrne, sneering perfectly and harboring a top-secret weapon. They're pursued by a rogue agent played by action hero Jason Statham, basically playing action hero Jason Statham, with 100 percent more awkward waffling in ill-fitting loafers. And just when you think things can't get better, 50 Cent appears! Down to the opening credits, no James Bond cliché is left un-mocked, but it's not all nonsense: At its heart, Spy has some really smart things to say about what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated line of work. Plus, Jude Law says "CRRRRRRAZY CUPCAKE" in a psychotic voice. I dunno. I think all my dreams just came true.