Movies & TV Sep 16, 2015 at 4:20 pm

A Simple, One-Step Guide to Watching a Movie in Portland

HOLLYWOOD THEATRE Better than anything in your shithole former city.


No love for the Clinton Street Theater?
Seriously, you mention (rightfully so) the video store across the street from theater, but not actually mention Clinton St. Theater? Did Lani and Roger insult your mom or something?
I think they were sticking to theaters with good seating, concessions, projection technology. Admittedly, I haven't been to Clinton Street Theater in several years, but I would assume if things had changed this article would've said so.
It is odd to mention the video store across the street but not the theater—which, incidentally, is a historical landmark (one of the oldest operating, and continually operating, movie houses in the US—opened in 1915). It's also a piece of Portland cult history, with its running Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc. A lot of people have been complaining about old Portland dying—well, it's alive there in spades.

All of the theaters mentioned are of course great in their own ways, but it is worth looking into any independent theater whose programming is unique. And to that effect, a mention might have also been made for the student-run 5th Avenue Cinema.
YOU GUYZ. I love the Clinton Street Theater, okay? But including it on a list of places to watch films in Portland would be like including your favorite totally charming neighborhood dive bar on a list of places to get a great cocktail. I don't think its omission is anything to get weird about.
Previous Clinton St Theater Programmer was a legend.
What happened to Cinema 21?
Could someone project films onto the back of Christy Mack? (whoever that is...)

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