IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY take kids to the Seth Rogen adult animated feature Sausage Party, don’t fret. There are around 100 uses of the word “fuck” in the first three minutes. So you’ll know what to do. But should you stick around? Well, if you’re a fan of excessive profanity, casual misogyny, an abundance of racism, and are okay with only a couple of good laughs in a 90-minute movie, then by all means hang around.

The plot—conceived by Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Jonah Hill—is a weak grasp at themes found in South Park, which was obviously Sausage Party’s primary inspiration. Here, anthropomorphized food products can’t wait to be picked up by grocery shoppers, believing that heaven awaits beyond the supermarket’s sliding glass doors. Though Frank (a sausage voiced by Rogen) tries to spread the truth, he’s pursued by a vengeful douche (Nick Kroll)—who, yes, is an actual douche.

Unrelenting puns are the go-to jokes in this script, and each food or drink product is assigned a personality based on race: A flatbread is given a stereotypical Middle Eastern makeover, while his enemy, a bagel, is a Jew with a heavy, Woody Allen-esque accent. Interestingly, neither actor voicing these characters is Middle Eastern (David Krumholtz) or Jewish (Edward Norton)—though Norton is white and has proclaimed himself an “honorary Jew”... so there’s that! Similarly, Bill Hader (also a white guy) plays “Firewater,” a Native American bottle of booze (no thank you), who grunts and uses sign language much like the racist “Indian Chief” in Disney’s 1953 feature Peter Pan.

This just in: It’s not 1953. And whether or not Rogen’s overarching message—that religion is a bunch of baloney—is progressive, or if Sausage Party contains a couple of very funny scenes (including a glorious food orgy), there’s no getting around it: This movie is fucking bullshit.

Excuse the French.