The HUMP! 2022 tour is coming to an end. But it had to end sometime… so let’s have one last party!

Join us for the a special ENCORE SCREENING of this year’s HUMP!—TONIGHT, Wednesday Oct. 26th at Revolution Hall. This is a one-night only event, a perfect way to cap off a fantastic year of sexy, subversive, and wonderfully strange porn flicks.

If you didn’t catch HUMP! in a theater earlier this year – which is how HUMP! was meant to be seen – this is your final chance to see this lineup of films before it goes in the vault. This is the same evening of films that screened in Portland earlier this year, so if you loved this year’s lineup (and HUMP! filmmakers really killed it this year!) or you missed it the first time around, this is your chance to see HUMP! 2022 once last time!


Here’s the trailer in case you can’t remember if you’ve HUMPed this lineup before...

We'd love to see you... so grab your tickets and come enjoy HUMP! at Revolution Hall TONIGHT, Wednesday Oct. 26th! 

P.S. As we celebrate the end of one HUMP!, we welcome the start of another. Submissions to next year’s HUMP! Film Festival close December 9. Remember: there’s no fee to enter, and we share a portion of all ticket revenue with ALL filmmakers who make it into the fest. Shoot that movie and be on the screen at Revolution Hall in 2023!