1201 Club

1201 SW 12th, 225-1201

Confession: I had some preconceptions about the 1201. Since its transformation into a full-on hip-hop club where, legend has it, Biz Markie once graced his badass face, I thought it would be chock-full of attitude. That is why I am proud to announce I was totally wrong; it's actually pretty fun! Surprisingly devoid of skeezers, it's lit in red with private, bead-curtained booths. It's hip, but the clientele ranges from professional-looking people in their late 30's to young raver kids and the mid-20's indie set, so you never feel out of place. Saturday night DJs spin a smoothly diverse, danceable mix of mainstream hip-hop (from Lauryn Hill to Soul II Soul). I'll go back to shake my booty for sure. JULIANNE SHEPHERD