Wayne Frost--Frosty Freeze--was a member of the second generation of the Rock Steady Crew--b-boys that helped revitalize an almost-forgotten art in the '80s. Frosty was the first b-boy ever to grace the cover of a magazine (the Village Voice, in 1981), was featured in Wild Style and Flashdance, and invented the Suicide (the move in which a b-boy or b-girl does a front flip and lands flat on his or her back).

What are you up to these days?

Basically I'm still around. I still break here and there. I'm at the stage where I'm trying to put out a documentary video of myself. I was hoping to have it out by the party to market myself.

When do you still b-boy?

When I go to a lot of these events and when I feel good and I'm in the groove I do it, you know for respect to the younger kids cause I like to have fun, like them.

What do you think about how b-boying has evolved, gotten more acrobatic and stuff?

Basically, yeah, it's advanced now. A lot of stuff is added like power moves and aerial stuff. It's really good with the young kids cause they can endure a lot of that. I still like to see kids gaining knowledge, like looking at the old footage and stuff. They have a lot of advantages these days because they have video cameras and stuff.

How has being part of the Rock Steady crew changed your life?

It changed my life a lot, especially during the '80s. I never really expected to make something out of it.