SO I'M PRETTY CONFUSED right now, but I'll tell you what I know: There's a real Ari Gold and a fake Ari Gold. The fake Ari is played by Jeremy Piven on the show Entourage. The real Ari Gold plays in the band the Honey Brothers and is a screenwriter, director, and a producer of the Honey Brothers' album Songs for Your Sister. The other weird part of the puzzle is that Adrian Grenier is also in the band. You might know Adrian better as "Vince," the super hot, swarthy-but-sexy, blue-eyed star of Entourage.

Okay, so there's a weird melding of fiction and reality going on here. Like did the real Ari Gold pimp his friend Adrian to the show, then demand that the agent in the show be named after him? But wait... isn't that show supposed to be based on Marky Mark's life? Or is it based on Adrian's real-life entourage that tours as a band called the Honey Brothers? Hard to say, and who cares anyway—the point is that hot guy Vince will be 10 feet away from you on the stage at Berbati's.

By now you might be thinking, "Why isn't this stupid writer bitch talking about the Honey Brothers' amazing music so I can decide whether I want to attend the concert or not?" Let's be honest, you're either going to see Vince, or you ain't. But, in a half-hearted effort at competent reporting I'll tell you this: The band is alright. They sort of sound like early Weezer but not as good. They use cowbell, ukulele, melodica, banjo, guitar, bass, and drums. Of course Village Voice disagrees with my dismissive, touting the Brothers as, "Glam ukulele rock that manages to reference the country-tinged sensitivity of the Silver Jews, the Beach Boys' summery harmonies, and the playful weirdness of Ween."

Oh well, whatever. I just want to see Vince sweating over the drums.