So local guy Nick Jaina tells me he's looking for music videos from Portland bands to showcase at a venue in the not-too-distant future and I'm all, "Cool—tell me more." So he's like, BAM: "I've booked the Holocene for Sunday, April 16. We just shot a Binary Dolls video that my friend Melanie Brown directed. We had a pygmy goat, actors, a DP, lighting guy, make-up, wardrobe, and craft services. It was shot on high-definition video. It's being edited right now. It looks really amazing."

So what kinda video steez does Nick want? "I really liked Menomena's video for 'Cough Coughing' directed by Greg Brown (no relation to Melanie). I also liked Viva Voce's video. I think it was 'Alive with Pleasure'?" Check out Nick's eponymously titled six-piece band next Thursday, February 23, at Doug Fir. If you've got a video you think he might want, hit him up at: nickjaina@gmail.coms

Celeb sighting from Frank at Dante's: "Monday night live-band Karaoke from Hell... Grammy award-winning Pink belted out a searing rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee." Sources say the recently married pop star arrived around 9 pm to listen to Clyde Lewis's conspiracy-laced Ground Zero Lounge show, then stuck around to party with the legendary Portland Karaoke from Hell" band 'til almost midnight... She had to get to bed for early morning radio program...."

So, I was sick last week with some kinda death virus and missed a shit-ton of good shows; reports from the field say I couldn't have missed a radder seven days. Big rumblings last weekend about the Butchers and Builders show at Mississippi Pizza, where the band played in the middle of the dancefloor, then slowly brought their instruments outside, until they were playing completely out on the sidewalks. Nice.

Big congrats to the folks behind Holocene for the launch of the Holocene Music record label. Their first release will be It's Importland to Me to be One Step Further Than One Step Beyond, Vol. I, a comp featuring remixed tracks from bands like Plants, Copy, and Blitzen Trapper. The CD release party will be next Thursday, February 23, at Holocene. Eight bucks gets you in the door and a copy of the record. Note to bands and labels: That's how good show throwin' goes. Give the people PAYOFF!

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