This has nothing to do with Steven Seagal, but post-grunge rockers the Thermals are playing at Doug Fir on Saturday with Nonstop Co-Op Band and Yes Father. I got in touch with singer Hutch Harris in last week's column but it's been a while since we've given them some decent space in the paper, so I figured an interview was in order. The band's new record, The Body, The Blood, The Machine, comes out August 22 on Sub Pop.

What can people expect from the new record?

They can expect to hear the Thermals, but louder, wider, brighter, and more paranoid than they've ever been. Also, there is a "ballad."

The album has a theme...

Imagine the United States governed by fascist Christians—now imagine getting the fuck out! It's an anti-revolution record. We're really not here to help our fellow humans. Every man/woman/child/alien for him/her/themselves! Imagine Jesus Christ with a Hitler moustache, and let your own terror motivate you to MOVE, bitch!

You recorded the new album with Brendan Canty. What was he like to work with?

The fuckin' best! We got along swimmingly. I mean, we're all basically wonderful people, so why wouldn't we? We had worked with Brendan on the Burn to Shine DVD, and wanted to work with him again since he has such a great, positive attitude, and gets great sounds, as well. We have a habit of only recording with people that play in fucking awesome bands. It's always worked really well for us; they understand us and our "outsider" ideas. Brendan used to play in a really great band called Rites of Spring. He was also in another band after that.

How'd you guys end up with your new drummer Caitlin Love?

We've known Caitlin for years. She was actually asked to play for us before anyone else, but she was busy at the time we started the band. We hooked up with her last fall. She kicks ass—as most people in this city already know. Plus, she loves grunge. All three of us are children of the grunge revolution. Onward flannel soldiers!