The first photos of Frightened Rabbit showed the band wearing masks or facing away from the camera entirely. Even the members' surnames remained a mystery: A trio of first names and a hometown of Selkirk, Scotland (demonstrated by the charming, indelible brogue of the band's vocalist) were the only pieces of information provided. Well, that and the absolutely marvelous songs contained on Sing the Greys, the sort of debut that had even the most wearied of music fans shedding their jaded indifference and pricking up their ears, wondering, "Who is that?"

The answer is Scott and Grant Hutchison, two brothers who bash on guitar and drums, respectively, with Billy Kennedy on keyboards. They've since been joined by guitarist Andy Monaghan to assist with the bigger sounds of album number two, The Midnight Organ Fight. The heart of the band, though, is in Scott's raw, penetrating songwriting and the interplay between him and his brother, whose ferocious drumming provides a huge, brutal wallop.

Says Scott, "We hadn't even played together even though we grew up together. He's such a large drummer that I never wanted to play in the same space as him until we had a larger practice room, because it was just so painful. He's ridiculous."

The Midnight Organ Fight is one of the most nakedly emotional albums in recent memory, documenting the protracted demise of a relationship amid cathartic major chords and tribal drum thumps. "Is that you, in front of me," howls Scott, "coming back for even more of exactly the same? Are you a masochist?" There are also romantic sentiments like, "You're the shit and I'm knee deep in it," and "It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm."

"Well, I was breaking up with someone," says Scott. "Or they were breaking up with me. I can't really remember which. The whole to and fro—like, you really want to move on, but then you see them again and you go back, but no, that's not healthy... the whole thing actually feels like a disease you have to get rid of." Contained in the passionate songs of The Midnight Organ Fight, the pain of a breakup never felt so immediate—or hurt so good.