"Five years ago, if you would've told me about Starfucker, I would've spit my Americano all over your face," says Manny Reyes—the co-founder of Supernature, the monthly party he organizes with E*Rock and Copy—in summing up his shock at electronic music's recent rise in Portland nightlife.

He has a point. It wasn't long ago that a night on the town in our moody city meant clasping cheap cans of beer while nodding off with the latest band to invest in a delay pedal. That stepping out now means something not quite so socio-pathetic—a little less shoegazing and a lot more dancing—is in no small way owed to Reyes' enthusiasm for the unabashed fun in which Starfucker traffic. It's taken some time but we've finally learned how to party.

Superfest, an all-ages offshoot of Supernature, might be Reyes' biggest party yet. For two days at Rotture (home of Supernature) a veritable summary of Portland's recent Day-Glo players will take the stage in what its organizer refers to as a celebration of electronic music's present dominance.

"The kids drove me to organize Superfest," Reyes says. By "kids" he could be referring to the bands as much as the scenesters. At the top of the bill, Nice Nice, Panther, and Reyes' own excellent prog-disco group, Atole, are set to play. The two-day festival will also mark an intriguing point of intersection for its two headliners. On Saturday, Jona Bechtolt begins the push for YACHT's new internationally anticipated full-length, See Mystery Lights, while on Sunday, Starfucker wraps up the entire festival with the homecoming gig for their current national tour.

When the scene takes its inevitable next sharp turn away from this extended Italo-obsessed moment, Reyes insists he'll be ready. "I'm hoping tribal-influenced noise pop is the next big thing," he says, in reference to the funky but decidedly guitar-driven Explode into Colors, who play on Sunday, "or maybe singers that don't use words at all."