WHILE ELECTRO-TINGED songs did make appearances on the Blood Brothers' final album Young Machetes (most notably "Laser Life" and "Spit Shine Your Black Clouds"), Jaguar Love's recording of Hologram Jams wasn't as natural of a progression as one might expect. The latest incarnation of former Blood Brothers Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato was delayed due to a pair of unfortunate circumstances; first drummer Jay Clark left the band two weeks before an Australian tour (and a string of opening slots with Nine Inch Nails). Then progress was slowed by the duo's Postal Service-like relationship of collaborating on songs via email. This forced Jaguar Love to scramble like never before in order to piece together songs, ultimately resulting in Hologram Jams, their follow-up to 2008's Take Me to the Sea.

No longer affected by outside interference, the musical kinship of Whitney and Votolato (who've been playing music together for nearly 15 years) was allowed to flourish, resulting in the duo creating an album they've always wanted to make—an unfiltered, hiphop-influenced (yet still sort of punk) dance album. Though tracks like "Cherry Soda" and "Up All Night" may allude to it, Hologram Jams isn't so much a party record as it is a celebration of the duo's newfound positive outlook. Coming out of a dark period after the Blood Brothers' demise, the album documents the band's path to happiness. It's almost difficult to imagine the jittery screech of Whitney, who once sang "Set Fire to the Face on Fire," now singing a song entitled "Everything Is Awesome" over a drum machine beat inspired by the likes of West Coast hiphop.

When you project a positive energy, a positive energy reflects back onto yourself—which is certainly the case that Votolato and Whitney found in seeking a replacement drummer for Clark. Posting a Craigslist ad with few expectations, they happened across their newest member, Zach Richards from the local band Party Girls. Now armed with a new lineup, new attitude, and a new album, Jaguar Love is ready to make the world a better place.