First we gave you the MusicFest schedule, now it's time for you to map out the good times at Pickathon. Bill Callahan playing the (recently expanded) Woods stage! A breakfast show for the kiddies from Breathe Owl Breathe! Future Islands at 1am in the barn! August can't get here soon enough.

Since Pickathon is loaded with big stages on the grass, small stages tucked away in the forest, barns, orchards, courts, and bowls, it can get a little confusing. Okay, a lot confusing. Print out this handy schedule and carry it with you like your life depends on it. Because, well, it probably does.

If you so much as drop this schedule, you will definitely die alone out in the woods. You ever see Into the Wild? That kid was looking for Pickathon but lost his schedule and starved to death in Alaska. That will happen to you.

End Hits: Saving lives, one schedule at a time.