Here's the new video from Hey Lover, and it's going to pound a smile out of your frowny face. The Portland duo has a new 12-inch record on the way via Hovercraft Records, entitled Tennessee (you can pre-order it here) and the songs we've heard sound very good indeed. "Our Heads in a Hole" is more or less the perfect Portland summer anthem—y'know, for when Portland summer actually gets here—and the outstanding video, shot by Brett Roberts, plays with the title (actually, aren't those Hey Lover's heads coming out of holes?). But if you can resist the giddiness of the tune or the sheer joy of Hey Lover bouncing around on what looks like 82nd Avenue, then you are a stronger, deader person than I.

Hey Lover play a free show on Saturday, July 23 on the back patio of Lion's Eye, 5919 SE 82nd Ave. Welsh Bowman is also on the bill. 7 pm, and there will be BBQ!

End Hits: This video is about 10,000 times less frowny than NIN's "Head Like a Hole."