Johnnie Ray
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Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while you read about Al Pacino thanking "the hip-hop people and the rappers" for the prolonged success of Scarface. Mountains of cocaine for everyone!

The Oregon Rocks exhibit is a fun and educational (funucational, y'all!) look at Portland's fascinating musical history. Jazz from the '40s, punk bands from the '70s, and just about everything else in between is covered here. You need to see this exhibit.

Johnnie Ray - "Just Walking In The Rain"

A true pioneer of the bedroom-recording scene, R. Stevie Moore makes a very rare Portland performance early next week. It's his first show here since OzzFest 2001, where he shared a stage with Mudvayne. [Please, for the love of God, fact check this sentence.—Ed.]

R. Stevie Moore - "California Rhythm"

Oh, Saskatchewan. The home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a popular livestock show, and a city called Moose Jaw now has a new reason to be the envy of the other provinces: Library Voices. The up-and-coming band continues the tradition of great pop ensembles (think: New Pornographers or Broken Social Scene) courtesy of our neighbours to the north.

Library Voices - "If Raymond Carver Were Born In The 90’s"

The man behind the influential house music imprint Classic Music Company , Luke Solomon reboots his record label after a six year break.

Luke Solomon - "People, Places, Thoughts & Faces" (Ajello remix)

End Hits: Think about it, Tony Montana. If you had just kept that sweet dishwashing gig you'd have never died in a hail of bullets.