The new Nurses album, Dracula, comes out Tuesday, September 20, and to celebrate, the trio is hitting the road... Burnside, in particular. And also Hawthorne. And a road that connects the two.

On September 20, Nurses will play not one, not two, but three in-store performances at Portland's finest record emporiums, and they'll no doubt be playing tunes from the new record. The shows are free! The shows are all ages! The shows are all over town, so it'll be easy for you to check out at least one! Here's the schedule:

4:30 pm - Jackpot Records, 3574 SE Hawthorne
5:30 pm - Everyday Music (downtown), 1313 W Burnside
7 pm - Music Millennium, 3158 E Burnside
Nurses also play a release show at Holocene on Thursday, September 22.