Come October, the good souls of Black Prairie—basically the Decemberists in different pantaloons and without Colin Meloy—shall return. It's been awhile since we heard a peep from these rootsy wonders, but now that their other band has relocated to Hiatusville, USA, Black Prairie will kickoff a month long happy hour residency at the LaurelThirst Public House.

The band was recently hired by the Oregon Children’s Theater to score the forthcoming play The Storm In The Barn and they'll be using this residency to test out some new material, plus they'll recruit some music and comedy pals to share the stage with each week. The shows are free, 21+, and run from 6-8pm.

Here is the lineup:
October 5th - Ritchie Young from Loc Lomond, Comedy by Aaron Ross
October 12th - Garth Steel Klippert from Old Light, Comedy by Pete Schriner
October 19th - Sallie Ford from Sallie Ford and the Sounds Outside, Comedy TBD
October 26th - Eric Johnson from Fruit Bats

End Hits: "Comedy TBD"? Does that mean you have a set available for my controversial prop comedy act? I have to warn you, it's pretty racy... and racist. Mostly racist.