Here's the new video from Talkdemonic, for their "City Sleep" song from their newest album Ruins. It's directed by Alicia J. Rose, who has also done memorable videos for Menomena, AgesandAges, and many others. The video premiered at Bunk Bar back on October 9, and also was part of the NW Film Center's curated collection of Portland music videos for Reel Music, but for those of us who weren't in attendance at either, here's your first chance to see it.

And whoa, it is trippy. It's the story of a sleepwalker or possibly a ghost (she's wearing all white), played by Talkdemonic violist Lisa Molinaro, who likes to do cool things like hang around power stations and darkened wheat fields. It's a beautiful and eye-catching video, full of the stately grace and tension that's the hallmark of Talkdemonic's sound.

The band is currently on tour opening for Modest Mouse, but will play a hometown show on New Year's Eve at the Mission Theater.

End Hits: And then the Grasspeople made her their god.