Dave Hernandez was frontman of the legendary Scared of Chaka, but Portlanders might know him better as a former member of the Shins. Now Hernandez, who's currently based in Seattle, has been doing time over the past couple years with his new band, Little Cuts. The group—which also includes Andrew Church and David Weeks from the Cops, plus Old Haunts' Curtis James (who has since left the band)—was put together as a result of Hernandez's time with the Shins, which "left him anxious for a return to the louder and more chaotic leanings of his earlier bands."

Portland label Dirtnap Records is releasing Little Cut's new EP, Plastic Disaster, and it's an excellent three-song ticking time bomb scrappy rock 'n' roll, with melodic-pop architecture. Take a listen to the fantastic A-side (and title track) right now, and get the rest over on Dirtnap.

Little Cuts "Plastic Disaster" by 230MP3

End Hits: Little Cuts equal big, big fun! (Ugh. Sorry.)