Welcome to day two of the most important poll you will ever take: Deciding what is the "Best Xmas/Holiday Song Evarrrr!" Yesterday, we voted on best "Secular" song (Still wanna vote? Click here now!!!!), and today we'll be deciding which is the holiest of all "Religious/Super Old-Timey" numbers. But first? THE RULES!

Starting yesterday and through Friday, I'm breaking all Xmas songs down to their TOP TEN in each of the following categories (I'll decide what the top ten is. If you don't like it, see special NOTE FROM HUMPY* below.): SECULAR (Non-religious stuff written before 1970-ish, and after 1900-ish), RELIGIOUS/SUPER OLD-TIMEY (Stuff glorifying god and/or Jesus or written pre-1900), ANIMATED (Songs either written for, or used in, animated holiday specials—yes, Rudolph and Frosty will be included here, rather than in "secular," and if you don't like it, see special NOTE FROM HUMPY* below), and COMMENTER'S CHOICE (Stuff you think should have been included in the top tens of previous lists AND/OR cool original songs—not versions of existing songs—like Chuck Berry's Run, Run Rudolph, or George Michael's "Last Christmas [I Gave You My Heart]".)

Every day you'll vote for the best song in that category, and on Friday we'll put the TOP TWO vote-getters from each category into one HOLIDAY MEGA-POLL, vote on that, and VOILA! We'll have the "BEST XMAS SONG EVARRRRR!!" (If you don't like the way I'm running this, see special NOTE FROM HUMPY* below.)

OKAY! Ready to vote for best "religious/old-timey Xmas/Holiday song"? (I have all the following songs listed below the jump with musical links, if you need a memory jog!) OH! But first...

A special NOTE FROM HUMPY*: "Complaints? I am ill-prepared to give a shit."

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Carol of the Bells
Silent Night
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Deck the Halls
O Holy Night
The First Noel
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Joy to the World
O Come All Ye Faithful