As you surely know, Monday kicks off the Mercury's Winter of Fun™ with Skate-a-Roke—karaoke and skating together at last! AND TICKETS ARE ONLY $10! (Plus we have other fun packages—including skate lessons— and the proceeds go to our Rose City Rollers.) GET YOUR TICKETS NOW, AND HERE!

Anyway the second most important thing—besides dressing appropriately in flashy skate-wear—is what song you should sing. Obviously you really should absolutely pick a song that's UPTEMPO. Because... it's ROLLER SKATING, MAN! Don't bum everybody out with your mopey ballads. Disco works great, booty bass works great, new wave works great—anything that provides the necessary bounce! (PRO TIP! If I were you, I'd pick my song out early to get your name in the karaoke queue quick! Go to the Baby Ketten Karaoke site to see if your jam is in the book!)

For just a few examples, here are my TOP TEN ROLLER SKATING JAMS OF ALL TIME (provided with handy links so you can roll and bounce at work). In no particular order...

P.Y.T. (Michael Jackson)
Boogie Fever (Sylvers)
Groove Line (Heatwave)
Dance Across the Floor (Jimmy "Bo" Horne)
Get Off (Foxy)
In My House (Mary Jane Girls)
Let it Whip (Dazz Band)
No Parking on the Dance Floor (Midnight Star)
1,2,3,4—Sump'n New (Coolio)

And finally the hands down best skating song of all time, Vaughan Mason & Crew's "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" (watch this for fashion and jamming inspiration)!

In the comments below, fill in the blank using the following statement: "WTF?? How on earth could you have forgotten about ___________??? That's my skating JAM!! I'm going to kill you and then myself!!"