The Alialujah Choir—the trio made of Weinland's Adam Shearer, Norfolk and Western's Adam Selzer, and someone who is not named Adam at all, Alia Farah—have announced the release of their debut album. The self-titled The Alialujah Choir will see its release at a show at the Doug Fir on February 11, during which the band will also premiere the video for "A House a Home," one of the many highlights of the record.

Actually, that song in many ways marks the birth of the Alialujah Choir, as Shearer and Selzer recorded it (under a much longer title) for the 2008 compilation album Dearly Departed: True Lies In Song Unearthed From Lone Fir, the compilation album for Southeast Portland's Lone Fir Cemetery. Shearer, Selzer, and Farah formed Alialujah out of that collaboration, and have played a number of local shows over the past couple years. Up until now it's been a low-key affair but by no means does it feel like a side project from the trio's busy schedules. The songwriting from all three is strong across the board, and their intuitive collaboration finds plenty of space for each other in their arrangements, resulting a brand of folk music that feels spontaneous and true.

An advance listen to The Alialujah Choir reveals that the seemingly impromptu nature of the project has actually resulted in a carefully structured album, with Selzer's sterling production experience providing the foundation of a record that, more than anything, is about excellent songwriting. The simple (but not simplistic) arrangements come through crystal-clear on record, with emphasis on the trio's harmonizing vocals.

Take a glimpse of the video teaser for "A House a Home" below; the full video premieres at the record release show at the Doug Fir on Saturday, February 11.