Here's the new video from Portland band Fever, for their song "White Witches," which as it turns out has nothing to do with the land of Narnia. Instead, it seems to be about booze, sex, and gambling. Oh, and bullets.

C.S. Lewis and his Jesus-lion would not approve.

The band conjures up plenty of mood in both the song and the clip, delving deep into the seamy theatrics of cabaret, burlesque, and dark arts, resulting in something that's sexy and just a little bit scary. Fever moved to Portland by way of Oklahoma, and they've got quite a number of elements into their sound: glam, goth, and cabaret rock, sure—but also surf, LA-style drug-noir, and maybe even some bluesy Old Weird America. They're giving "White Witches" away as a free single on their site, which you can get right now.

End Hits: You know what band C.S. Lewis LOVES? Petra.