Youth Lagoon
  • Youth Lagoon

Another week, another Mercury music section to cling onto for dear life as we all slowly succumb to our watery graves. Sweet lord Christopher, it is wet. Perhaps there is a whimsical British psychedelic pop song about this soggy state of affairs. Oh, there is?

Speaking of wet, Youth Lagoon is not actually a body of water, but the recording name of Boise's Trevor Powers, who brings bedroom pop out of the bedroom. If I was in the habit of compounding words, I might call his marvelous debut, The Year of Hibernation, something stupid like "intimat-epic." Thank goodness I don't ever do that.

Youth Lagoon - "Montana"

NOFX show how punk rock can grow old gracefully. The secret is in the number three. Just like Catholicism!

NOFX - "The Quitter"

California's Gardens and Villa recorded their debut album in Oregon with Richard Swift. Now they're hanging out in Portland to write their next record. I bet there's a song about rain on it.

Gardens and Villa - "Star Fire Power"

Vampires are sooo over. Just ask Concrete Blonde. The cool thing now is unicorns. Yeah, unicorns are badass!

Concrete Blonde - "Joey"

Plus the usual rash of Up and Coming shows.