• Sarah Jurado

One day after the release of his stunning new album Maraqopa, Damien Jurado will play an in-store performance at Jackpot Records. He'll be at the SE Hawthorne store on Wednesday, February 22 at 6 pm, for a free, all-ages show. He'll no doubt play some tunes from the new record, which was recorded with Oregon audio auteur Richard Swift and, judging by advance listens, is absolutely remarkable.

The other day I was talking with someone about how many solo performers there are in the world who are capable of captivating an audience for an entire set—just them and an acoustic guitar. The list was pretty short. I think we came up with a total of four. Damien Jurado was one of them.

Here's a tune from Maraqopa.


Damien Jurado - "Nothing Is the News"

Damien Jurado at Jackpot Records, 3574 SE Hawthorne, Wed Feb 22, 6 pm, FREE, all ages. Jurado will also perform at Holocene on Sunday, April 22.