That's the latest issue of Mike McGonigal's Yeti magazine, and if it looks like a record, well, it is. Along with the usual printed stuff (and cover art by Carson Ellis), there's a 7-inch record contained within. And on that record is Grouper's cover of a Dead Moon tune. (Other tracks include two Mississippi Fred McDowell recordings and a Tiki Men cover of a Duane Eddy number.) Listen to Grouper's version right here (which also went up on Pitchfork today)—and check out the original here. To say they sound radically different would be underplaying it a bit.


Grouper - "Demona" (Dead Moon cover)

McGonigal's also offering a 100-minute download of music containing those four tracks, plus loads more, which you can get by ambling on over to the Yeti site, where you'll undoubtedly want to order the latest issue as well. This time around, McGonigal's compiled: "Photos from the Alan Lomax Archives ca. his 1959 ‘Southern Journey’; poet Margarita Shalina’s recollections of the NYC 1980s HARDCORE scene; Kim Spurlock’s annotated trove of NEAL CASSADY ephemera; photos by Nina Dudoladova of ABANDONED FORTS in Kaliningrad, Russia; epic essay on forgotten ‘90s surf band THE TIKI MEN; an interview with translator/author SUSAN BERNOFSKY; a great short story by Mimi Lipson; Chris Kirkley on African sign-painter THIAM BELLOU; Jamaican gospel 7-inch labels; drawings by Tim Miller, James Trotter, and Shana Cleveland."