That's the amazing album cover of Tu Fawning's upcoming record (you can click to make the image bigger). The cover raises so many questions! Whose head is in the glass jar? Why is that fox smiling? What is tied up in that suspicious package? A body? Two bodies? Two tiny, twin bodies?

One question that is answered, though, is what the record might sound like, for here is the first song from A Monument, Tu Fawning's second full-length, following 2010's Hearts on Hold LP and 2008's Secession EP. The new song is called "Bones" (Soundcloud link here) and it's a seven-and-a-half-minute thing of percussive beauty, with doomy piano chords, fuzz guitar, and a macabre rhythm that makes dancing postively mandatory. After the lengthy and tumultuous instrumental introduction, the clouds part for a vocal melody that feels uplifting and redemptive; the song turns hymnlike for its final stretches, before lapsing into a spooky synth-choir tag that slowly fades away.


Tu Fawning - "Bones"

This is an absolutely magnificent track. I am now dying to hear the rest of A Monument, which comes out May 7 on City Slang.