Action Bronson, whose last Portland show went down in infamy, performed at the Wonder Ballroom on Saturday night, only the second stop on a long tour in support of his new album, Mr. Wonderful.

After a thorough warm-up of punishing, brutal NYC hip hop classics by Alchemist, Action Bronson confidently strode on stage at the Wonder Ballroom, with a massive blunt already lit and fuming. Perhaps this was a not so subtle jab at the Roseland security team who attempted to physically remove a smoking joint from his mouth during the end of his performance last year in Portland.

With the crowd already completely familiar with his freshly released debut album, the mood was celebratory and easygoing. "Bam Bam" is a highly likable personality, and his ease onstage gave the crowd ample opportunity to rap along to his new and old batch of soulful boom-bap.

With such a strong natural presence on camera, as evidenced by his TV show Fuck That's Delicious, one has to wonder how long Bronson will be content to be a stage performer before migrating to other realms of celebrity and entertainment. Even on the tails of his first album, the music already seems like an afterthought to his outsized personality and charm.