With her solo debut, No Fury, singer/songwriter Jessica Boudreaux delivers irresistible pop confections with gut-punching spikes of attitude.

When she’s fronting Portland band Summer Cannibals, Boudreaux waxes poetic about tempestuous relationships over a guitar-driven bedrock, but on No Fury, bass is her most trusted companion. Produced by the Thermals’ Hutch Harris, her new album demonstrates what can happen when musicians versed in punk rock gain access to quality production and approach the recording process with a “kitchen sink” mentality.

The lo-fi hum of “Move On” is juxtaposed against the sludgy fuzz frequencies of “Never Get You,” while the warbled rumble that drives the album’s most accessible track, “Falling Leaves,” wraps the eardrum in plush grooves and provides a tasteful pinch of disorientation. Boudreaux’s sonic adventurousness shines with vintage synth textures, courageous drum beats, and crystal-clear vocals.

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The culmination of this can be heard on lead single “Televised,” which bounces along playfully like Pat Benatar at a block party and drips with the subtle complexities of a bona fide commercial hit. Conversely, the throbbing dub effects that riddle the initial bars of “Pulling Away” and the dusty pulse underneath “Echo” push the sonic conversation into darker spheres, with deep references contributing to the fun.

The centerpiece of this power party is the torch song “All for the Best.” It hints that No Fury might be Boudreaux’s maiden ascension into the pop stratosphere of mega-divas like Lady Gaga and Regina Spektor.