Tim LaBarge
It's finally starting to become nice to be outdoors again (some of the time), and that can only mean one thing: Pickathon season is coming closer. The annual music festival is just shy of four months away, but to tide you over until then, we've got another episode in our ongoing Starlight Series, in which we showcase performances from 2018's Pickathon that took place on their after-hours Starlight Stage. You've hopefully appreciated earlier entries in this series, but if you're experiencing particularly acute déjà vu with today's band, that's because it's their second appearance in this year's series.

The double-dippers in this case are Austin's Shinyribs, a soul-funk outfit fronted by the Gourds' Kevin Russell, who you will quickly identify as the guy wearing a sparkly light-up cape. The group's tackling, of all things, Blackstreet, and that R&B outfit's 1996 classic Teddy Riley/Dr. Dre-produced jam "No Diggity," with Shinyribs turning it into a Dixieland-tinged strut with plenty of horns.

The clock to Pickathon 2019 is counting down! They've just announced the day-by-day schedule to help you with your planning needs, so if you still haven't copped tickets, head over to the Pickathon site and get yours quicklike.

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