Adebisi Meg Nanna

While some of you were undoubtedly enjoying your weekend cooling off in a nearby waterhole or in the comfort of your air conditioning, a bunch of us gathered under the Hawthorne Bridge (of all places) for two full days' worth of free live music. Also, I've gotta say: I'm impressed with how much the food and beverage options have improved at the fest in recent years. I've gotten so used to eating at Le Bistro Montage before rolling through PDX Pop Now! that I had no appetite for all the amazing food truck offerings by the time I got there. I just grabbed a $2 kombucha and proceeded to enjoy some of Portland's finest up and coming acts. There was soul music from Brown Calculus and Adebisi, hip-hop from Danny Sky and Raquel Divar, indie rock group Cry Babe, surf rock band Plastic Cactus, punk rockers Help, and much more.

We sent Mercury photographer Meg Nanna to document the action at this year's PDX Pop Now! festival, so now you can relive some of the best acts of the weekend in photos. Check them out after the jump!

Cry Babe
Cry Babe Meg Nanna

Pleasure Curses
Pleasure Curses Meg Nanna

Epp and Help
Epp and Help Meg Nanna

Help Meg Nanna

Meg Nanna

Stevo the Weirdo
Stevo the Weirdo Meg Nanna

Plastic Cactus
Plastic Cactus Meg Nanna

Plastic Cactus
Plastic Cactus Meg Nanna

Raquel Divar
Raquel Divar Meg Nanna

Mat Randol (left) and Danny Sky
Mat Randol (left) and Danny Sky Meg Nanna

Danny Sky
Danny Sky Meg Nanna

Meg Nanna

See you next year!