Crystal Quartez
Crystal Quartez Clamber

Crystal Quartez, the musical moniker of multi-disciplinary artist Crystal Cortez, revealed today that she is dropping her new album Causal Loop on Friday January 31 via local label Beacon Sound. And to help amplify our anticipation for it, she's sharing "Helix," a centerpiece track from this new collection.

The six-song release, which will be available digitally and on limited-edition cassette, is ideal headphone listening. All the better to feel immersed in the gorgeous washes of warm synth sound and to catch all the little details and intricate mixing techniques that went into the creation of each song.

In the right circumstances, Causal Loop might reveal its curative properties and could serve as a conduit for some serious self-reflection. Which, according to Cortez, was what the music did for her as she was creating it.

"This album was a huge part of my personal journey of healing from trauma, and being able to transform that experience into a sonic healing space meant holding space for both darkness and light," she writes. "I used found sounds, analog, acoustic and digital instruments to mirror the complex world around me, until each song revealed their own set of instructions. I think of them as restorative sound rituals for me to move within."

If you find this new track enticing and want to grab a physical copy of Causal Loop before the rest of the world snaps them all up, head to Holocene on January 30 where Cortez will be performing live in celebration of this new release. She's joined on the bill by fellow sonic wizards Dolphin Midwives, Omari Jazz, and Avola.