Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony
Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony Nick Eickemeyer
Hello sunshine! You've made it through another weird week on Earth, and to the beginning of another weekend. Press play!

The legendary hip-hop group known as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (for 25 years!) changed their name to Boneless Thugs-n-Harmony this week... because they love Buffalo Wild Wings that much. Not all members were on board (Layzie Bone) but all the others were, and even changed their individual monikers as well. Krayzie Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, and Wish Bone are now going as Krayzie Boneless, Flesh-N-Boneless, and Wish Boneless. They launched, and posted a Behind the Music video explaining the change. Tomorrow (Saturday, February 22) the group plays the Roseland, so make sure you know exactly who the fuck you're there to see. Portland-based MC Rasheed Jamal and DJ O.G. ONE are opening the show.

Time to rattle off a few tour announcements: American funk metal band Primus is going back on tour to pay a very thorough homage to rock legends Rush. They'll rock a massive crowd out at the Edgefield on Saturday, July 25. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds recently announced they'll play the Moda Center (Theater of the Clouds) on Thursday, October 15. The Weeknd also recently announced a new album called After Hours (dropping March 20) and a tour that'll stop at Portland's Moda Center on Friday, July 31.

Lovers and Friends, a new music fest geared toward—well, me—but really anyone with a passion for R&B and hip-hop from the '90s and early-00s. The lineup looks absolutely delicious, with Megan THEE Stallion, Ludacris, Usher, TLC, Lauryn Hill, Nelly, Jhene Aiko, and Summer Walker among the top billed artists. After several artists took to social media, voicing their displeasure with their names being tied to the announcement despite not having logistical details and deposits settled, the festival appears to be happening anyway. Rolling Stone reports that after the announcement was made (and artists complaints went viral), festival organizers reached out to patch various things up with artists like Lil Kim, Twista, Mase, and Trina. With the massive festival catastrophe of Fyre Fest in 2017, it's understandable that artists and fans are keeping their expectations low, but Goldenvoice, the production company behind the fest (and also the same one behind Coachella) seems confident the event will go smoothly. “The festival is confirmed, and we are working closely with each artist’s team to create a show that lives up to our standards," a representative said in a statement to Rolling Stone. "We look forward to providing an amazing experience on May 9. Lineups are always subject to change.”

Speaking of festivals, ICYMI, Vortex 2020 has emerged as an event (August 22-23) that will celebrate the historic 50th anniversary of the Vortex 1 festival, which "created an alternative to a potentially violent antiwar protest and provided an opportunity to celebrate the social and environmental consciousness of a new generation." Vortex 2020 is a bit different than your typical festival, since there is no cost of admission, but rather attendees of the August event can gain access by volunteering for various projects that benefit Oregon via nonprofit partnerships. From beach, park, and trail clean-ups to volunteer planting, and invasive plant removal, these volunteer opportunities just seem like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Check out their website for ways to get involved, and to check their lineup (which is still developing). So far, stellar acts like Pink Martini, Edna Vazquez, Ural Thomas and the Pain, Fountaine, and Bocha have been added.

Another new-ish festival, THING, will return to Port Townshend, Washington for another year this August 28-30. Presented again by Seattle Theatre Group (STG) and Sasquatch! festival founder Adam Zacks, part of THING's allure is its laid back vibe in a gorgeous environment. According to a recent news release, "THING features four primary stages including a decommissioned balloon hangar (McCurdy Pavilion), the charming and intimate art-deco Wheeler Theatre, Littlefield Green, and the Parade Grounds overlooking Puget Sound." Tickets go on sale Friday, March 20 at 10 am PST.

As a happy Friday send-off, I'll leave you with this new hazy Fanzine IPA, a collaboration from Fort George Brewery and Grains of Wrath Brewery. The can features artwork by indie folk legend Michael Hurley, who himself is the noble subject of a fanzine. This heavy hopper—with citrus, pine notes, and a mild sweetness—drops next Saturday February 29. Cheers!