Aminé in his latest music video for Riri which dropped today.
Aminé says, "It's important to show Black joy in a time where we're constantly seeing imagery of pain and suffering." Courtesy of Republic Records
During this coronavirus pandemic when social distancing measures have essentially kneecapped traditional video production shoots, it's been interesting to see how musicians creatively maneuver around these rules.

Charli XCX was directed "from a distance" by Charlotte Rutherford for her "claws" music video. Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber sang a duet while looking into their front facing cameras. And now Portland-born Aminé has joined the fray with his latest music video "Riri", co-directed by the rapper himself and shot entirely while social distancing in Los Angeles.

A marked departure from the blues and greens of Portland in his last drop, the dusty browns and ruddy chromes of California mirror the content of the song itself—Aminé speculating on his own love life and the girls who broke his heart. And though the titular Rihanna does not make an appearance in the video, her lingerie does; women dressed up in Savage X Fenty dance, preen, and roll around for the camera on their respective beds at home as Aminé leans out of his convertible, flashing his grill. It's intimate, but retains the luxe, party vibe of a music video.

The video was shot prior to George Floyd's murder and Aminé's knowledge of the Breonna Taylor case, so he felt compelled to delay the release for "obvious reasons." In Spin, regarding the video's release, he says that "activism is essential right now" and that's where he's put his focus for the past few weeks.

"We skipped editing sessions to march in the Black Lives Matter protests," he wrote. "I’m dropping the ‘Riri’ video today because it’s important to show Black joy in a time where we’re constantly seeing imagery of pain and suffering.”

Check out the video here: