Beloved by generations of local residents, the Portland Mercury is a newspaper respected by its peers, cherished as a national treasure, and considered a legend by all who have read it. An enduring symbol of American journalism at its best! What was once a scrappy weekly staffed by starry-eyed dreamers and drug addicts has grown into an unfeeling corporate monstrosity after 25 glorious issues, intent on destroying anything--or anyone--in its path.

To celebrate the publication of their 25th issue, the Portland Mercury (in conjunction with The Franklin Mint) is honored to announce our "25th Issue Anniversary Issue" Commemorative Plate! Designed by award-winning plate artist Sean Tejaratchi, this beautiful hand-crafted heirloom pictures the current Mercury staff almost reeling with self-gratification and drunk with power. Crafted of fine porcelain and lavished with breathtaking color, each plate is hand-numbered, bordered in 24-karat gold, and authorized and authenticated by Brodie Hylton, the Mercury's classifieds manager.

Don't let history pass you by! Order this cherished piece of memorabilia today!

Only $90 or 3 monthly installments of $35 each.
To order call 503-243-2122. Ask for Russ; he'll be happy to help you!