Steve is a fun-loving, outgoing, and romantic guy—which means he could be the perfect catch for YOU! Here are just a few of the attributes that make Steve our DatingProfiles.com “Catch of the Day!”

• Steve just ended a long-term relationship with a very powerful individual in the upper-most echelon of government—so you know what that means: He is SINGLE and ready to mingle!

• If you’re the kind of person who loves attention, you’re in luck—Steve suddenly has a lot of time on his hands. Steve realized that, while spiritually fulfilling, his powerful, right wing, racist news site (not Fox) was keeping him from enjoying life to the fullest. Now that he’s moved on, he can focus on what really matters: Enabling white supremacy and pleasing YOU!

• He recently helped an Alabama Senate candidate who almost won—but just like Steve, the candidate loved kids too much!

• While he may be taking a break from the public eye—to spend more time with YOU—Steve is still very much an integral part of the American government. Why, just this week he’ll be offering expert testimony about Russia to the House Intelligence Committee! (By the way, if you’re a lawyer, he’s very interested in meeting you.)


A person who’s not interested in what a person looks like (unless they look like a Jew).

• Someone who has enough money to finance Steve’s various media companies, coups, and legal bills.

• But most importantly, a partner who will stand bravely by Steve’s side as he rises from the ashes to claim the position that should have been his all along: President of the United States. (Or if that doesn’t work out, a night manager at Applebee’s.)

So Don’t Delay! If You’re Looking for Love, Steve Bannon Could Be Your DatingProfiles.com “Catch of the Day!”

*DatingProfiles.com takes no responsibility for ruining your life.