News Dec 11, 2008 at 4:00 am

DA Orders Blogger to Give up Commenter's Info


Why would the Clackamas County ruling have any bearing on a Multnomah County judge's order? A circuit court judge's order in one county is not precedent for other counties. The level of reporting done by this reporter is mindbogglingly low.
In an era where our privacy and civil liberties have been tread upon in unprecedented ways - thanks to technological advancements (i.e. cell phone service providers secretly handing data over to the feds) and an often unconstitutional administration - it is imperative that measures are established and upheld to protect citizens' rights, no matter what form of communications technology we choose to engage in.
This is unbelievable...If the cops or DA want a witness, they can send their crack detectives out to find them...

Karen Soesbe
isn't it clear that this is an unlawful case of bullying on the part of the DAs office?

no matter what the order they served said, the DA has no authority to prevent anyone from seeking legal counsel or discussing the matter with other people. in fact, the DA has no authority whatsoever; they can order you to do anything they want, but unless you are under contract with someone to the contrary, or ordered by a judge to whom you've given jurisdiction, you are under no obligation to follow those orders. period.

the moral of this story is: don't give these bullies jurisdiction over you. no one is required to enter into contract with anyone else, and we are fully within our rights to ask questions of anyone seeking to contract with us. so ask those questions, and refuse offers of contract unless you are in control of the terms and you see them as favorable to you. contract law is all a judge can enforce.
We can all look forward to these types of scare/intimidation tactics by the police/DA/courts, thanks to the Dept. of [Nationalist]Homeland Security. What would DDA Ryan Lufkin have done, thrown Mr.Maus in jail for not handing over an IP address?!
Remember, this was over a [potential] wittness to a bicyclist who was tossed off his bike, beaten, & tasered by a real punk of a cop, for NO reason ofcourse. I recall right when this happened too, not far from where i live, just down on Morrison.

So it's atleast KNOWN now that law-enforcement do scan blogs, mbs, etc. & that there's alot of spying/info.-gathering/data-mining going on. That said, noone should EVER be fearful of what they say on-line. Just try not to incriminate yourself.
Also, learn to use proxies. The good ones will leave you un-traceable.
Careful, *jellypudding*. giving out such info. may make you an accomplice... to something.
It's ridiculous.

Why the big deal anyway?

For crying out loud, talk about getting all worked up over nothing, the guy was a witness, not a terrorist.

Anyway, the way the law works is simple, the law is what the judge of that moment says it is, period.

Precedent means nothing, written words mean nothing, the judge issuing the orders is all powerful.

And the police, well, we all know that story.

It is ridiculous.

I have no need for a proxy. I'm not hiding.

All anyone had to do was ask. There wasn't any need for threats or other strongarm tactics to get my ISP or other contact info.


More on the shield law here:…
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