Did you hear about the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush? Here's the video of the incident:

The journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi, is the "talk of Iraq." He's also my nominee for Time's Person of the Year.

Meanwhile, Detroit's automakers are still waiting for assistance from the federal government. Maybe they should throw some shoes at someone?

BLIZZARDWATCH 2009: "Chill descends on slippery streets," says the Oregonian. And schools are closed.

The suspect in a Woodburn bank bombing that killed two police officers and injured the Woodburn Police Chief, has been arrested.

Good news for renters in foreclosed homes and buildings: Fannie Mae is willing to be your landlord in the foreclosures the loan agency's involved in. I wonder how quickly they respond to maintenance requests?

Have your friends been laid off? MSNBC has advice on how to talk to them! (No doubt they've tested this advice themselves when talking to laid-off journalist friends.)

Not only was Gov. Sarah Palin's church the target of an apparent arsonist, but now Sen. John McCain says he won't necessarily support her if she runs for president. Ooo, double burn!

How involved was President-elect Barack Obama in the Blagojevich scandal? He "dispatched" his chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel to talk up Obama's favorite candidates—but Emanuel didn't talk directly to Blagojevich, sources say. (Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee is trying realllly hard to connect Obama to the scandal.)

And speaking of Blagojevich: