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Will City Stop "Made in Oregon" Sign Makeover?


Oh, Portland. The sign has only said "Made in Oregon" since 1995. Isn't it pretty lame to give (this much of) a fuck about a stupid sign? In 15 years we'll be arguing about the "SUPER, SUPER HISTORIC UNIVERSITY OF OREGON" sign.

And for realsies, Ty Kovatch? Half a million dollars of public money to keep two words of a sign from changing would be "worth it?"
it's a pride thing. personally, i don't want it to change. i think that the U of O should pull their heads out of their asses and just leave it be.
Commenty Colin - You're an idiot. For realsies. Talk about wasting public money, what's the U of O doing paying to maintain and change the sign in the first place.
This ain't UO territory, this is Viking town, baby! Keep that duck shit in Eugene...
Ducks OUT!
@ sarah a:
You really think changing a sign on a building to reflect what is actually happening in the attached owner's building is a waste of money? I'd argue that's a pretty important (even desirable) function of a "sign."

For example, if you bought a house, and that house had a huge neon "sign" on top that said, "NOT a dumb slut's house," you'd be free to change (or remove) the first two words, just like U of O is about to do.

That's the neat thing about owning "signs."
What a monumental waste of time, money, and energy. Couldn't we be doing something better with our time? How important is it to change the sign? Why should UO get to have a sign changed to reflect them in a town where their presence is limited to a satellite campus? If we go by their standard, and their logic, the sign should say Portland State University, instead.
Add you name to the Facebook Cause "Save the Made in Oregon sign". The next hearing is April 6 and the City is watching to see how many people sign up. There are over 15,000 so far.
The sign should stay as is. U of O isn't even in Portland so why the hell do they need a lighted sign in the middle of downtown.
$500,000 for a sign! WTF? Our state has the third largest
unemployment rate in the country and the biggest concern of the city counsel is paying $500.000 for a f-ing sign? The only signs they should be concerning themselves with are ones that read "NOW HIRING".
Ducks out dittos!
Use the damn lotto proceeds to seize and light it and keep it as is. Or the Ducks will just waste that lotto money too.
Change it back to White Stag! Do you all love Made in Oregon for making it easy to buy your parents kitschy tourist crap whenever they come visit you from whatever midwest shitpile you moved here from? Where the fuck was the outrage when they tore down Jello's phone booth so Taco Bell could have a drive thru?

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