"some say “Little Dubai” might be more appropriate these days, in reference to the wildly overdeveloped Middle Eastern nation."

These people would have no understanding of the modern U.A.E.

Plus, who the fuck are they? Editors, why don't we just strive for maybe a wikipedia level of competence, starting out with eliminating shit like sentences that start with "some say..." when dealing with factual reporting?
Fast paced development, sponsored by top down autocrats with a penchant for throwing cash at no-bid contracts for their friends. Lots of cranes. Stupid government funded hotels that can't break even. Public buildings that don't help the public and are more bread and circus than helpful. Turning a blind eye to immigrants rights(exploit em for the work, kick em when the work is done). A reputation for openess that hides a sleazy pro-business (at the expense of the individual citizen's rights) attitude on the part of civic leaders.

I see the Little Dubai analogy. But the booze is better here and the average Portland bicyclist would last five minutes on Dubai's roads.
What scares me is that Sam's chief of staff and someone from the PDC actually went and saw other Cordish developments, and they STILL think this is the best thing for Portland, and the time for action is now, blah blah blah. Did anyone from the PLANNING bureau go see these things? Did anyone from Portland (besides the Mercury) talk to people from the other governments and the CITIZENS in these other cities? Or were they too busy enjoying the bar-hopping zone? If not, then I have a bridge to sell you... oh wait, someone's already SOLD you a bridge?

And how is it that the part of the Coliseum that is multipurpose year round, even more so than the Rose Garden, be reused?

It just seems like Sam and his staff don't get it. This is not the forward-thinking mayor I thought I was electing.
You've never been outside of Portland, have you? The analogy is apt to hundreds of cities world-wide, to the point of being completely meaningless. Add the appeal to phantom authority of "some say," and you've got the sort of lazy non-journalism that Matt and Sarah do so well.
that was directed at #6, obvs...
Boxxy, just shut up. We get it, you're a troll. But your childish nitpicking is getting in the way of another interesting discussion. Play somewhere else.
I'm with the Queen of 4chan. "Some say" is a journalistic weasel-phrase used when a reporter wants to voice his or her own opinion but can't find anyone who matters to say it. One baseball stadium makes us Little Dubai? Jesus. You people obviously have never been to the real thing.
Ban A Cat, my point is that spewing comments like "some say “Little Dubai” might be more appropriate these days, in reference to the wildly overdeveloped Middle Eastern nation," is inherently counter to interesting discussion. It's bad writing, it shows lack of actual thought, and it gets in the way of the facts.

How is criticizing journalism trolling?
Congratulations, you've successfully diverted the subject, troll.
Yawn... I consider a critique of a post's content to be more topical than your feelings of other people being trolls. Perhaps you feel differently. C'est la vie.
So the Rose Quarter was supposed to be an entertainment district? Anchored by an arena? I can see why that didn't pan out. There's nothing like big, monolithic structures to dwarf the human scale or kill off organic neighborhood growth and development. Especially when you have the Convention Center across the street.

Oh, but now I get it -- knocking down an existing white elephant to replace it with another arena that will be mostly unused much of the year -- sure, that will do the trick!

I confess I don't overflow with the warm fuzzies with regard to the Coliseum. For all its supposed architectural significance, to me it represents the blandest of bland Modernism. I'd be all for saving it if anyone had come up with a viable use for the thing, but every proposal has been shot down as too expensive or somehow inappropriate. How many years has it been sitting there, vastly underutilized? And why only now that it might be razed are members of the "creative community" raising their voices? Where have they been all these years?

This whole thing is depressing. Portland has created a half-assed, ill-conceived, incomplete dead weight in what should be a vital part of the city, now we have to grapple with how to complete something that never should've been started.
"We are committed to developing a world class project that reflects Portland's unique and creative culture...."

Tell a Portlander that he/she is unique and creative and that anything will be "world class" and you're halfway to anything you want to get done.

Besides the fact this sounds perfectly awful, does anyone doubt it would be a wild success? For a town that claims to hate the Pearl, you can't get near the place on weekends.
this is an interesting piece. I can't believe that Sam is touting Cordish as a "good partner." It doesn't sound like they are a good partner in Kansas.

Also, I can't believe Sam actually used the word "re-purposed." It's an admirable idea, but what part of the coliseum is going to be re-purposed significantly enough that it can credibly be called "re-purposing?" maybe the underground utilities and the streets around it.
I'm very concerned about an artificial "entertainment district" populated by chains and out-of-town companies. That just doesn't feel right for Portland. We have to create a plan that allows local business to thrive or it won't be a success (for visitors OR the local economy).
p.s. love the collage
Why do I get the feeling that I am in some kind of weird warp, like a bad mushroom trip, every time I hear about the Ben-Hur/bull's testicles/Dr Strangelove/Gang of Five/Randy-Sam soulmate forces that are trying to ram this "let's get'r done" set of projects down the pliant throats of lambs-to-the-slaughter/deer-in-the-headlights Portland naifs....Hey, slow down the camera! I'm getting clammy...AND THEN THE HOMOPHOBES ARE COMING and they're going to fuck up the recall, like some weird latter-day OJ simpson verdict drama...I'm going back to my baobab tree.
There were 30 minutes of questions and comments at the public meeting tonight. Not ONE person supported this plan. Sam did an excellent job of avoiding the elephant trumpeting loudly in the room.

Saltzman is the swing vote tomorrow.
Oops, that was
More on the open house here:…
Upon hearing "unique, creative and world-class," a real Portlander will reach for their pistol.
Michael M makes a good point. The whole area west of the lloyd center is a complete joke. There isn't a decent bar or eatery until you cross the river. The whole area is like some sort of weird midwest city filled with terrible chain businesses (wendys, dennys, taco bell, mcdonalds and one bar - the 702 - great for crack dealers!).

More residential, dare I say it - condos/apartments - are vastly needed to make better use of commercial and transit in place BEFORE we go about building a stadium/entertainment district via a greedy Cordish bastard.
no one will build residential in the rose quarter. It costs the same to build housing there as it does downtown, except you can only get 75% of downtown prices. Who would do that?
Excellent article - just like real journalism.

Other cities may need a new “entertainment district” because of the sad state of their historic entertainment venues. I don’t think Portland has that problem.

As well, the intense corporate controlled dress-code atmosphere of Cordish’s developments flies in the face of Portland’s quasi-hippy, homegrown, brewpub frequenting population.

What artist would choose to perform in such a contrived corporate environment when we have a growing number of unique venues like the Crystal Ballroom, the Doug Fir and the Wonder Ballroom?

I am imagining a giant flashing neon sign saying Eco-Entertainment-District!
yes it may be a good suggestion for Dubai investors. If Dubai make a port then defiantly it will be great success in Dubai economy.

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