"trail of destruction that is nearly irreparable."

Perfect, unintentional metaphors from the government are my favorite.
Fritz is going to be completely alienated and ineffective by the end of her first term because she's such a process driven ideologue. That doesn't work in government.
Yes, the only thing that works in government is constantly carving out exceptions and exemptions to the rules the government itself set up.

No, wait. That actually isn't working too well here at all.
Hey, Waterfront Park is a big dumb open space that nobody cares about. Why don't we build some stadiums there? Water is magic.
You and me both Mandy.
This is like a skit from the Daily Show ........only it's real and NOT funny.
At least it doesn't say IKEA.
Have these guys followed the established process on ANYTHING since the Council change a few months ago?

Rules are just too much pain to follow for these jack asses. Only a matter of time until they hastily push through the wrong project and get politically lynched for it. (Wait a minute. Maybe that's what we're seeing right now.)
This just proves that women have a better sense of style than even gay men.
It's funny how pissed Randy was when IKEA schooled him by asking Council to waive the sign code a few years back. I guess the empty bluster about following established process only comes out if you are the one getting schooled.
One more signpost indicating that Randy Leonard is politically dead in the water. Considering he is the one that brought us our can of worms of a mayor, it is fitting.
Ah, every rose does have its thorn.
Leonard generally rocks, but that rose is tacky. On the other hand, the Rose Festival is too.
No kidding. In fact the rose theming masturbatoria in Portland is generally ridiculous. We are a great city with great people and an abundance of natural and man-made beauty and harping on roses is so boring and irritating. You know the moment when I REALLY fell out of love with roses-as-symbolism? The day after Kendra James was shot and a saw a fucking cop car with one of those ghastly painted roses.
In a town with 2% for Art inflating construction budgets for all public facilities (even Wapato Jail has over a million dollars worth of "art"), and scads of tasteless Plop Art to show for it, a garish neon sign perched atop an architectual icon is to be expected.

I hope it blinks.Then Gus Van Sant can put it into a movie, preferably with somebody puking underneath while the blinking rose turns on, then off as the screen fades to black.

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