Forget what the petition is about for a second and just admit that stifling Oregon's direct democracy initiative process tickles your facist bone.
Um.... you know that in Oregon you only have to post 10% of the bail, right?
You're treading into Godwin territory there D. And he didn't try to stifle anything. But this is a lesson to the rest of us. If cornered by these recall petition waving loons I will keep my head down and sign. With my Hebrew name. Goeeta Bagadicks.
2nding Patrick McGoohan.
If I'm donating to anything today, it's the Earl Boyles Community Garden. Sorry Lee.
In fact, it appears that Lee has been "Released on Own Recognizance" according to the jail web site.
Dang. Too soon. The money will go toward his legal defense.
Oh whatever, that dude has a job and can pay for whatever he did... Well, whenever they figure out what he did that they can charge him with.. um..or, er...its kind of like that Crowley/Gates bust without all of the 'I See Racism Everywhere' crowd jumping in.

That's it!!! Maybe the Governor should buy some bee... no wait, Sam Adams' free beer day. That would help unhappy voters change their minds and leave all of that buyer's remorse behind in a jiffy!
This blog means I will be picking up EXTRA copies of the Merc for the cats litter box.

Don't be mad I will just be stifling a few readers ability to get a Merc and YOUR voice heard.

Que deadbeats and Perlman lovers telling me this is a crime.

Matt, you take this recall anymore seriously and they will have to double your Prozac dose. I am beginning to think you have a real stake in this...,
I highly doubt this will go to trial, Matt. Use the cash for the video poker.
How much for the shirt?
I will contribute to getting him out of jail if he will finally agree to marry me. But, since he won't, where can I get the t-shirt?
Hugs to Lee. Keep on keeping on.
So stupid. Your forgiveness/burgeoning zeal for the mayor is fucking ridiculous. Lee assed out badly here. He should take the heat on his own.
Help bail him out? Are you F-ing kidding me?!? He dug his own hole, and now he can sit in it for a bit to reflect on what a friggin tool he is!

The Mercury is coming out in favor of defacing signature petitions? I know you've got to burnish your liberal credentials as Portland's most alternative of alternative newspapers, but this is fucking retarded.
Oh, LEE Perlman. For a second I thought this was about RON Perlman.
You are an idiot Matt.
"He likes the mayor, so trying to deface a citizen's initiative is not a big deal."

That perfectly encapsulates the quality of logic and ethics at the Merc and Blogtown.

What you guys can't seem to realize is that even if you think Adams doesn't deserve to be recalled, he's not some hero that deserves your adoration either. He's a rather mediocre, ineffectual (and embarrassing) bureaucrat at best.
This man took a shit on the democratic process. Whether you agree with the recall or not is irrelevant.

There is no crime more serious than trying to silence your fellow citizens. Can't you see that this was an act of sabotage against their freedom of speech?

Stop supporting your agenda and start supporting the constitution!
But Blabby, he's gay and likes bikes! Don't you understand that?
Besides Blabby, you should appreciate Sam yourself - he's practically Lyle Lanley's doppelganger.
What the initiative was for is irrelevent.

It is part of our democratic process. This person deserves to be in jail for trying to silence the voices of those he disagrees with.

I personally am against the recall but your attitude Matt Davis is appalling and discredits an already shameless joke of a rag.

Patrick Allan Coleman, your food writing is the only part of the Merc that isn't a joke in poor taste. Please find a job somewhere respectable so I can continue to read your work.

Because any paper that glorifies someone shitting on the rights of their fellow citizens through the initiative process is not one I will be reading, or for that matter as a business owner, spending my advertising dollars in.

Mr. Davis, you need to spend some time rethinking your ethics as a journalist.
Surely there must be some buried in there.
How can any one signature, regardless of the size, actually silence democracy?

1 - This isn't a legal document until the City Auditor gives their stamp of approval.

2 - They have, what are they called? Oh right, COPIES of the petition. Lots of them. Hundreds.

3 - Finally, I could scribble "Ur a big p00-poo head" over all the names... Guess what? They're still valid signatures!!!

Hey PDX PD. Could you do me a favor and actually respond to the REAL tagging in the Hollywood District? You know, the ones on the shiny new and historical buildings? Thanks.

Also, I'm with Allison, go fix the trashed garden.

PS - I'm calling for the purging of John Hancock in all our history books. Greedy SOB! See him use up all that space back in the day?! Ass!
24 geek?

Hancock didn't deliberately deface all the other's signatures.. he just wrote his own very large. Completely different.
Sigh, the Internet really needs a sarcasm font.
Lee, what are you trying to do, get Amy Ruiz's job?
Never happen my friend, YOU'RE qualified. Oh, an Lee P reports for the Mid-county Memo, The Southeast Examiner, The Multnomah Village Post and sundry other local rags.

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