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Misdirected Theft Stops Would-Be Chicken Killer


This reminds me of Wallace and Grommit.
Hey listen all you vegis and vegans please know that your lifestyle choice is a first world luxury!!! If you ever travel to another country they will laugh at you for not respecting and using a food source.

I will eat foie gras or anything else I want and I will fight to do so.
Reed college...enough said.
So what happened to the stolen chickens?
Right because huge portions of China and India aren't vegetarian...
You would think a smart vegan would be in support of this kid's class. If more people slaughter their own meat, they are less likely to contribute to corporate production farming. People today are so confused.
Hey listen all you omnis and meateaters please know that your lifestyle choice is a first world luxury!!! If you ever travel to another country they will cry to you for not respecting, but overly-using a food source.

I will eat vegetables or anything else I want and I will fight to do so.
And temblors, I'm a vegan in support of homegrown meats. I won't eat them myself, but I very much support the efforts of friends to raise chickens.

I also have toyed with the idea, off and on, of growing/eating chickens myself, but I'm in an apartment right now, so that decision will have to wait.

This idea transfers into fishing while camping....I haven't yet, but I think sustainable fish supplies in wild areas with strong populations would be okay in my moral book.

The one last thing is the recent reporting on a bike shop owner in town who has been trapping and eating the invasive nutria. I may look into that this spring and summer, as nutria are very destructive to wildlife habitats and wetlands.
"Right because huge portions of China and India aren't vegetarian..."

Sure they are, but only because they don't have access to the meat surplus that we do in America (in which America = stereotypical first world country). If you were to offer a rural Chinese subsistence farmer who currently lives on rice and water a virtually unlimited supply of quality beef or chicken, he'd likely spend every day of the rest of his life grilling T-bones.
What is interesting is that the location where these chickens were stolen from is apparently the house on the corner of 39th and Woodstock, which has always appeared to be a long-time "punk house". I don't know which is more ironic, punks killing chickens or punks getting robbed.
Lifestyle is a choice. Wasting resources is a choice. Sounds like this guy was robbed of his "right to choose".
Sooo.... the lesson here is that it's ok to revert to the same tactics of theft, trespassing into somone's HOME, and verbal intimidation as fundamentalists/anti-gays and other unsavory groups so long as it's promoting an 'enlightened' viewpoint?


I became a vegetarian because I found that the way meat is factory farmed is wrong. I am glad there is an urban movement towards growing and slaughtering your own chickens. It presents people with the reality of where the meat comes from. IDA should invest their time fighting some actual evil-doers.
"many vegans and vegetarians think "humane killing" is an oxymoron."

Ummmm, but they advocate for assisted suicide as humane and dignified...
Learning to humanely raise and slaughter your own meat is an answer to animal cruelty, not a cause of it. It's people like these self-righteous, ignorant chicken thieves that make me reluctant to tell people I'm a vegetarian.
The awful part is that these fuckers stole his roommate's pet chickens that she had raised since they were chicks! Those hens were egg-laying, and were not going to be slaughtered. Imagine if someone stole your puppy? This whole thing is just awful.
Hey, what do you call an organization who makes violent threats and steals resources from another party simply because they think their ideas are correct?

Animal Defense League = Terrorists.
Just like PeTA.
Notice how the 'e' that should stand for Ethical is always undercase?
Oh, because Ethics aren't actually what their concern is.
So here's how the conversation has gone:

Some Person:
"Vegetarianism is a luxury you crybabies. Therefore, you shouldn't do it b/c there are starving people in developing countries."

"Lots of developing countries are vegetarian"

Couple Other People:
"You're stupid bc people who live in developing countries are all heathens and we'd be crazy to take cues about how to be 'humane' from them and also the only reason they are vegetarian is bc they don't have access to awesome American steaks"

So I guess it's my turn. I'll state the obvious and remind the commenter above that many developing countries are vegetarian due primarily to their religious beliefs, not the fact that they don't have a Sizzler next door.

Also, I do believe that choosing to be vegetarian is, in some ways, a privilege. As meat-eaters are so wont to point out, a starving person doesn't get to choose. But the point is; I do. I live in a really rich country that uses their wealth, in part, to fund and operate a factory farming-type food system that I don't believe in. Since I'm not starving, I'm obligated to choose the more humane option.

The fact that other people are starving and so don't get to choose doesn't make me less obligated to think about where my food comes from, it makes me more obligated.
Even those individuals in China and India that are vegetarian would still probably be horrified by people who steal the food of other people just to "set it free".

The chickens disappeared, but apparently the animal-rights group that stole them is opposed to any human use of animals, including as pets... meaning it's possible they were "liberated" into the wilds of suburban Portland.

Also, I'd just like to point out to techchefpdx that artificially fattened duck liver is much more of a first world luxury than vegetarianism. While most people in the world don't abjectly refuse to eat meat, it's also a fact that meat is a very inefficient and expensive source of calories, and that most of the world can't afford it. I have no moral opposition to eating animals, but it's actually meat eating that's the luxury, not vegetarianism or veganism.
People are ridiculous. There is no such thing as humane murder. Unless they are painlessly euthanizing the animals (which they aren't), it cannot be humane. Being vegetarian isn't a luxury, either. Factory farms consume so many food resources (for the livestock) that could easily feed the entire human population. Hundreds of pounds of grain are used to feed the livestock that will provide only a fraction of that in meat. Meat is the problem.
From the best of craigslist PDX:

To the Misinformed Animal Rights Activist Who �Liberated� My Chickens
Date: 2010-01-26, 11:10AM PST

Dear Madam or Sir,

Due to a long string of events surrounding the protest of a backyard poultry processing class to be held at my house (using old egg-laying hens from a local organic farm), you have decided it would be in the best interests of MY egg-laying hens to �liberate� them, i.e. steal them from my yard in the middle of the night. What worries me is not so much the trespassing, theft, harassment and dissemination of my private information (such as my home address) to the public, but is the complete misguided step you have taken to ensure I cannot care for my pets anymore. You have stolen my egg-laying hens, which I have raised from wee chicks, and relocated them to God-knows-where.

There are two options here: you traumatized and killed my hens by setting them �free� in the wilderness, or, you hypocritically passed them on to someone else to enjoy the egg laying benefits.

Let�s start with number 1: You took my four hens from my yard last night to set them free in their �natural environment� away from evil egg-eaters such as myself. They will die because they are domesticated animals and have no ability to fight for themselves. A raccoon will shred the chickens faster than you can beat your vegan meat. Great job, there, animal-lover. Was your plan to provide a nutritious meal to the scavenging raccoon population of Portland?

Or, shall we go with number 2: You re-located my pets to some other house where the owners do not know the history of the chickens or have paid the love and attention I have given them for the past 2 years, i.e. raising them from chicks. You are a hypocrite for furthering a lifestyle that allows people to own domesticated livestock. Great job. Although chickens are not the smartest creatures of the animal kingdom, you can be assured they were still traumatized by your kidnapping and relocation process.

What did you expect to accomplish, radical Portland animal rights activist? Did you think you would earn some cred with the Portland Animal Defense League who gave out all my roommate�s (and therefore my) private information on the internet? Did you want to thoroughly upset and sadden a chicken-owner trying to raise her own eggs instead of resorting to buying nameless farm factory eggs and supporting large corporations? If so, then let�s give you a pat on the back for your great success! I guess I will be buying my eggs from the store now and will look out into my backyard where my loving chickens once stood and wonder where to put my tasty vegetable scraps. Your asshole would be the next best location.



P.S. Return my chickens you ignorant fool. You bring a bad name to all activism.

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