I can't wait to hear how those humanity-stains are going to try to explain how Jim Chasse suffered 26 rib fractures.

He fell down while running! That was it! He got in an excited delirium and broke them all by himself! We didn't touch him!
Fry 'em all. Can't wait for this trial.
Thank you for circling which one he was - I thought it was the guy with the gun on the left talking to the firefighter.
"I just hope nothing occurs between now and the trial that would cause us to go off in a different direction,"

You mean like one of the officers involved shoots a 12 year old girl? Or how about the police killing an unarmed black man because he "acted weird when attacked with a dog and 8 bean bag rounds." Honestly, the police are the ones that are messing it up for themselves, the press is just reporting it.
"The jurors were surprisingly unfamiliar with the Chasse case when we picked a jury in that case,"

It always sounds so depressing that folks chosen for jury duty are often unfamiliar/apathetic to what is going on in their communities.
@gloworm Same with voters, sadly.

I often have a conversation in our news room that goes along the lines of: "How do we get the people who don't give a shit to give a shit?"

Then I go back to thinking, "How can I get more people to know who I AM?"

You beat me to it, Colin.

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