Just settle the case, and take all the money we would give this woman and overhaul the "Independent" Police "Review" board and the Citizens Review Committee.
It seems a bit late to be hiring a new lawyer in what is sure to be the biggest civil trial in years for Oregon.

I have to laugh that they had to bring a lawyer in from Washington, because that's where half the police force lives. You'd think the city would either a) trust their own, salaried lawyer to try the case or b)keep the hundreds of thousands of dollars the civil case will cost in the state by using any of our AV rated attorneys.

It smacks of desperation and contempt for Portlanders and Oregonians. Who approves this kind of thing? I thought the city had a hiring freeze?

I imagine the city is running scared. This is the hire-a-lawyer equivalent of the Chewbacca Defense [… ]

who was the goofy at City Hall that made this decision? it'll backfire on 'em once the largely pro-lib jury finds out she's a "star" on FOX News and is a Rethuglican. ha! ha!
OMG we're going to have a field day with this WASP.
BREAKING: City of Portland hires Nancy Grace to investigate Chasse death, Grace vows to "dig deeper and harder than anyone else, and [to] get to the bottom of this. With heart."
They could hire the reanimated corpse of Johnny Cochran and I still think they're going to lose this case big.
This makes me embarrassed to be a city employee.
The family's reported strategy is full disclosure of the facts to the public with the result of changing police policy. The more press worthy the defense, the better!
To note: The O's article clarifies that the city's insurance company is paying for the attorney.
Anne Bremner has vigorously campaigned for the release of Amanda Knox - a sadistic sex killer. She has repeatedly misled the media and the public with a number of false claims.

She may be able to suppress the truth about what happened when she was arrested by blocking the release of the investigative reports and video. However, she won't be able to suppress the truth about Amanda Knox.

Judge Massei's 427- page report will be published in English on Monday 9 August. It will be available for download from PMF and TJMK.

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