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Anarchy Lite


I've got another option, Matt -- perhaps these little chuckleheads can go somewhere where police violence *is* a problem. Seven police shootings in Portland in the last four years... most cities this size go through that many in six months.

Shortly before I left Las Vegas for Portland, a Metro Police officer shot an unarmed, handcuffed teenager in the back and got off unscathed. Aside from the family and some community activists, there was no outrage.

Meanwhile, Officer Walters apparently shot Collins in the arm twice before shooting him in the hip (not exactly the first thing you think of when you think "shoot to kill"). Either Collins was a very, very bad shot (since it's my understanding they're trained to shoot for the largest body mass) or a very, very good one.

There is a time and a place for outrage. That outrage could be better directed elsewhere.
Looks like you're wrong Matt, considering the decision today about police oversight. Maybe Albina Ministerial Alliance should rethink their tactics.
Wow Matt, this is my least favorite thing you have ever written. Allow me to summarize, England was cool 20 years ago, Portland sucks, join Facebook. That is the best you can do?

I think peaceful protest helps our leaders see when their public is angry, and Monday's protest could have just as easily improved the City's position in the upcoming contract negotiations. If not, at least I got the opportunity to tell the police to their face that I don't trust them anymore because they defend the worst of the worst when they behave badly.

You billed it as a violent anarchist action and reposted the most incendiary paragraph you could find on PortlandIndymedia. Now you are disappointed it didn't quite work out like you hoped. Too bad for you, good for Portland.
@Jill Johnson - The accountability changes didn't have anything to do with the riot. Read the first paragraph of the article about the changes again - those things were scheduled to be announced two weeks ago, but the meeting agenda was postponed. The people quoted in that article worked really hard for a long time to get them done, and these stupid criminal rioters did nothing to help them. Don't take any credit away from the people who actually caused the change, and don't think that these idiots accomplished anything.…
@Matt Davis - If there is a "proper" riot, I hope you get prosecuting for inciting a riot, you arrogant, thoughtless prick.
@Reymont - Hey Reymont, when you get your "I am Chris Humphreys" T-Shirt will you post a pick of you in it? I just want to remember what team your on.
@Reymont - Hey Reymont, when you get your "I am Chris Humphreys" T-Shirt will you post a pick of you in it? I just want to remember what team your on.
Celebrating? You have to be kidding. It seems to me that you were celebrating the fact that this protest had people covering their faces with bandanas.
Quick! Who will stand tall and marginalized their ideas about police reform?
This is not journalism, you're just being a jerk.
ps like I said before- being involved with this protest and being involved in other police reform assemblies are NOT mutually exclusive. I know that I am a proud participator in both (thank you very much)
@G-bone: "pic." "you're."
@ntrecek - Obviously, people who cover their faces with bandannas are not "standing tall" for anything.
Why is no one asking why the protesters were basically trapped by the police?
Aren't we free to occupy the sidewalks as we choose? The right to freedom of assembly?
isn't that the whole point behind the fight over sit lie and our rights?
The police were physically blocking the sidewalks with bikes and horses.
I understand keeping people out of the street, that's fine. But corralling 200+ people onto onto a few blocks of sidewalk, and not letting them move, to cross the street to march, is going to make them very upset and throw things and freak out.
people that did want to leave the situation were actually trapped and couldn't get out.
That isn't right.
What would have happened if they were truly able to march, in an orderly fashion around town, to their eventual destination?
Probably the same thing, but still, we will never know, right?
Because having a bandana over your mouth silences it? I think not.
@Nick are you really saying that the public not having a reaction to the police murdering a handcuffed man is a good thing? Srsly?
Hey Matt, I thought this PortlandIndymedia post was great. Maybe you would be willing to repost it on the blog and start a real discussion.
@Gbone: *pic *you're
I should let it go but i can't help myself, Gawker has a story on a more recent London riot:

Amateur Video Captures Riot Outside London American Apparel Store

This is ironic! American Apparel, the Cain to Dov Charney's Serpent (if we're to believe the Jewish version), just held a "rummage sale"—where items are sold on the street at a discount—in London. It caused a riot, naturally.

As this amateur video shows, the reported hundreds—possibly thousands—of Fauxhemian Britons outside the temporary outlet on London's Brick Lane apparently really, really, really wanted their hoodies and leggings and such, so much so that a dozen or more police officers were called in to manage the surly savers.
A journalist calling out someone else on celebrating a tragedy is pretty fucking precious.
Surprising, Matt. The anarchists are ridiculous, but they happened to emerge from their paranoia dens at a time when Portlanders are mad. Plus, many others showed up.

One of the most depressing political things I saw in Oregon was in 2004. I'm driving in my car on 84, working feverishly, practically around the clock, to help make sure Oregon doesn't go for Bush. I'm personally registering like, 20 people a day. God please, don't let Oregon go for Bush.

And what do I see on the freeway overpass? I squint, wow, what's that, huge banner, people are getting out the vote for Kerry-Edwards, right...? And then, reality bared its teeth...

...a bunch of cute teenagers, friendy, smiling at the motorists passing under them, waving... was a protest, all right. Against gay marriage. High school students from the Christian schools.

So you know, considering that was the only conspicious sign of the public engaging in protest during that whole season, I am grateful whenever there is a protest now, especially against Sam Adams or the PPD.

While Matt Davis has never been known for his deep, probing analysis of current events, even his vaunted command of the obvious seems to be on the wane. His criticism of the anarchists protesting police brutality seems to be that they weren't able to stage a proper riot like he used to get back home. Somehow, for Matt, this is symptomatic of a lack of "gumption" as opposed to a lack of manpower in a quite small movement. If you want to criticize protesters for being destructive that's one thing, but you sound like an idiot criticizing them for not being destructive enough. Call yourself "refreshingly cynical" all you want, Matt. To the rest of us, you seem deplorably narcissistic.

- David Lessem
Matt Davis' critique of "Portlanders lack of gumption" in the arena of rowdy street protests lacks anything resembling historical insight. Not surprising. Long before Portland became the (more) sedate destination burg of "young creatives" and other various and sundry pussies this town actually earned its nickname 'lil' Beirut.'

Really dude, join the police reform facebook group? I overlooked the "My boyfriend will cut his hair if this group has 1 million members" groups on facebook, only because they were created by freshman coeds and there was actually a chance of someone cutting their hair. But middle aged "journalists" talking about reforming the PPB via facebook? People accuse radicals of being utopian, or living in a fantasy world, but I can think of nothing more utopian than the belief that PPB will stop killing people because of a facebook group. Although the belief that Saltzman will grow a pair is also up there in terms of sheer fantasy.

The police reform movement was set back two years? What progress was set back? Two murders this year, not to mention the ongoing beatings and intimidation. "Police reform" isn't trying to address this, they just want to waste more money on trainings and armored shields for these killers. Randy Leonard, AMA, and the media wouldn't of even said a word about Jack Collins if the anarchists didn't start pointing out the continuity from the get go. The fact is the police are a dangerous, authoritarian force in our community, much worse than any 1/2 inch exacto knife.

Maybe this protest is getting warmed up for more, maybe its not going anywhere. The fact that it ain't Wapping isn't the fault of the people in the streets. Its the fault of the cowardly journalists blogging from their condos, or chatting up those supporting the murders. Its the fault of those who have tricked the community into believing social networking is more important than community interaction and street-level organizing.

The anti-police protesters don't believe they are the center of the universe, thats left up to the media, the city hall hacks, and the city hall wannabes. They are calling for diverse actions from all corners and all directions. Hopefully more community members will jump in, but either way someone is doing SOMETHING aside from making self-aggrandizing speeches.

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