If I ever find out the "secret" details -- if indeed they are secret -- I will devulge them publicly. Screw the city and the Portland Police Bureau if honesty is silenced due to someone's "look-good" being spoiled.

Richard Ian Wilde,
Portland, Oregon
I just want to know if the animals that kiiled him are going to jail. That is the only justice that will stop these animal cops from doing it al over sickening...
Was part of the settlement Matt Davis moving to New Orleans? The timing is strange.
Keep an eye on the consent agenda for city council, the city will have to vote to cut a check to the family.
@Ted I had absolutely no knowledge of this. But you're right, it does seem strange. I said the same thing when I found out!
First of all, it is about time the City settled this thing...

Second of all, here is another example (of many) of a news story that the Merc has been the lead on locally and has been vigilant on covering which in turn has influenced coverage from other local outlets.

It has never been my intent to kiss Mr. Davis' ass (in public or private)...he often makes himself more of the story than the story itself, he can be a shamelessly smug provocateur, and his prose isn't as clever as he thinks it is BUT (no really, there is a compliment coming)....

None of that changes the fact that he is leaving big shoes behind to be filled when it comes to the core role of a reporter and editor in his/her service to readers and the community - getting the story.

No disrespect to Mr. Moore or Ms. Ruiz for their work, they were both part of the Merc's evolution from humor rag with "The Stranger" reprints to what the Merc is today, but if you take the time to review the volume of stories in which the Merc has been the LEAD local outlet since Mr. Davis became News Editor?

There is no contest.

And the Merc's role in local election coverage and the value of it's endorsement of candidates and initiatives?

It wasn't that long ago that no one cared what the Merc thought in that vein and "serious" candidates would never use endorsement quotes from the Merc in campaign materials.

Now? Candidates skip an interview with the Merc at his/her peril and its endorsement is both prized and promoted.

Anyway Matt, I am going to miss you but I hope I never become nostalgic for you.

I hope that the Merc finds someone who not only meets your benchmark but exceeds it at such a level that I forget all about you.

Best of luck in New Orleans and thanks.
@ Klaatu: Rest easy! It's a pretty standard part of every civil settlement for the defendant(s) to agree to go to prison for a little while.
Matt - good job scooping the Oregonian - AGAIN.

Having worked on the August 22, 2002 Bush protest and Iraq War protest cases, a confidentiality agreement isn't necessary standard - there wasn't one in our settlement agreement, and all the media reported the amount of the settlement agreement (the Oregonian as their banner headline).

The settlement conference usually involves both sides giving briefs and evidence to a judge who isn't going to be trying the case (in the case I worked on, a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge), and the judge mediates settlement discussions.
@CC: That's why I think I'm going to put you on retainer for all my legal requirements. You'll settle this stuff up for me real nicely.
Great work, Matt. Put this on your resume. :)

Outside of that, I'm happy to see this settled but will be happier to see some of the police officers involved go to Federal FYITA prison.
Great scoop, Matt. Days like this are why we'll all miss you, and Portland will be worse off. Lord knows the Oregonian and WW aren't picking up the pace anytime soon, and neither seems interested in making a non-labyrinth website anytime soon, as well.
Hmmm. Why is there a gag order? You and I are paying for this. We should know the details so we'll know exactly what to bill the sociopathic idiots at fault.
@ Night Moves: Agreed. I don't know how it can be legal for the City to engage in secret settlements, but if it is, it certainly shouldn't be.
WOW! His "scoops" sure have been good since Amy Ruiz started working for the Mayor.
To the point: the Chasse family has always said this lawsuit was about change within the Police Bureau. Let's see them put their money where their mouth is. They should take whatever is their remainder of the settlement (after insane attorneys' fees) and put it towards mental health services; whether it be in training police or devoting the money to a worthy organization. That would be the true legacy of James Chasse III.
I was 45 yrs old in approx. 2004, a housewife, when the Multnomah County Sherriffs knocked on my door looking for a suspect (not me) & after they left my home .. I had been brutalized by them thrown on the floor .. I had 26 ex-rays the next day, ordered by my Dr. (there are alot of details I'm leaving out to shorten this) .. I was told by a high ranking police official not to press any charges against Mult Co Sherriffs. & out of fear, I did not. ... I still suffer from residual PTSD related to that incident, & these 2 recent stories of Portland police brutalities has brought it all up again for me .. Wish I had not been intimidated & filed against them!

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